Ready or Not

My performative sculptures are ambitious attempts at reimagining a more sustainable existence.

There can be grace to living on the edge, teetering on the brink, standing on shifting ground. This place of unease is a place of change and its discomfort can spur innovation, resourcefulness and a reconnect with each other and the environment that we desperately need in order to survive.

I actively seek and traverse areas of seemingly social, political and environmental doom. My sculptures require me to manually propel them, to push, pull, row, roll or ski, pushing limits of my physical strength, safety and comfort. My sculptural contraptions are often awkward and at times a bit ill-fitting to their task. I use materials gleaned from the landscapes my sculptures were meant to navigate.

My work pokes at skillsets, tools that are vital to my, and maybe our, “Survival: Now + Next.” It is through perseverance, fortitude, risk taking, not being afraid to look ridiculous, a willingness to not avert gaze, and through challenging instead of accepting, that I hope to maintain momentum through difficulty, to confront crisis and to engineer a meaningful lifestyle. I embrace vulnerability, isolation and longing; my journey is solo, but it is in an effort striving for connection and stewardship.

These are the skills that I attempt to carry around with me, vital to my pathway, and also in potential alignment with SEED Lab’s envisioning of possibilities. I implement immediate solutions to our crisis, such as place-based resourcefulness and also point toward seeming ridiculous concepts in order to push through the membranes of the future.