The Nomadic Bread Belt

The Nomadic Bread Belt is a wearable device that allows you to carry your bread dough and sourdough starter with you wherever you go. The heat from your body provides a warm environment for your starter to grow while also allowing your bread to rise over a series of hours. The Bread Belt helps you create a symbiotic relationship with your sourdough bread; provide it with a warm body and it will feed you. As the wearer takes the Bread Belt through different environments, wild yeast and bacteria interact and become a part of the sourdough starter that is maturing inside of the glass vessel. This wearable creates a yeast and flour concoction that is site specific, to both its host and the environment they have traversed through.

The belt consists of one large glass vessel and one smaller vessel, both with attached cloth lids that protect the interiors from bugs or stray body debris. The vessels comfortably cup the shape of your belly, providing all day comfort for your on the go lifestyle. When first developing a starter, it should be fed and maintained in the larger vessel for approximately 7 days. At this point, if it doubles in size within 4 hours of feeding, it can be transferred to the smaller vessel. Now, your bread recipe can be mixed and the dough held in the larger vessel for proofing and rising. The human body maintains a 98.6 degree temperature so the bread belt is designed with thick glass walls to block some of the body heat in order for the dough to be in its ideal, 70 degree environment.