"Visionary drawing does not stand outside the basic scheme of architectural development - it just, sometimes, wants to make a leap forward.” -Peter Cook

How would our world survives and managing change if humanity is no longer the centre of evolution?

This drawing is rather a visionary illustration of post-human metamorphosis scene. Technically, an axonometric section of microscopic-scale tissues and cells from far, but a closer view reveals a new layer of urbanscape incorporating physical, biological and digital systems. It portrays an amalgamation of series of diverse landscapes, explores the multiplicity readings of current human world in an evolved form.

Upon the discourse of coexistence between nature and humanity, it is portraying a future where mankind and our creations are ever evolved into part of the nature system. Imagining the world itself as an organism, a new network is growing on top of the previous built environment just like the renewal of damaged skin, or a mechanism of regeneration. It is a process of metamorphosis- from an artificial formation since human civilization into an amalgamation of physical, biological and digital worldviews.

The drawing details explores the relationships between layers and components that integrated to complement each other- envisioning a symbiotic living dimension. An even closer look exposes diverse mixture of urban lives and post-human developments- poses dispute of possibilities to uphold humanitarian qualities in parallel to the growth of nature and technology, by realizing symbiosis?