About Our Major Projects

The Anchorage Museum resides in a North that is pivotal to the world — not a frontier, but a horizon. Poised in the North and at the edge of the Arctic, the Anchorage Museum is the venue for sparking ideas, active investigation and dialogue.

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In Residence

The Anchorage Museum hosts artists, scholars, interns, fellows, and others in residence at the museum or in Alaska and the North.

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Anchorage Design Week 2021

Anchorage Design Week is an annual forum to gather creative minds to promote design and imagine the future of our city and the North.

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North x North 2021-2022

North x North is an annual program of the Anchorage Museum that celebrates creativity and innovation across Alaska and the North, convening people worldwide for discussions about the potential of place, people and planet.

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Listen Up

Featuring work from artists of Alaska and other parts of the US, Russia, Canada, and Scandinavia, Listen Up provides audiences a listening experience and a survey of sound art today.

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Seed Lab House Image Karen Larsen Future Ready

James Temte, "Next Over Now," mural SEED Lab building Innovators & Artists in Residence

Interested in being an innovator or creative-in-residence at the SEED Lab House? Email your bio, a project idea (research, creative) or need, and how it would connect to SEED Lab’s priorities of climate + future: seed@anchoragemuseum.org

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Land Acknowledgement

Land Acknowledgement is a formal statement recognizing the Indigenous people of a place. It is a public gesture of appreciation for the past and present Indigenous stewardship of the lands that we now occupy.

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Teen Climate Action Summit

Teen Climate Communicators

The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world, and Alaskans are experiencing effects of climate change today. As the next generation to tackle climate change, teens are invited to these conversations.

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Future Ready

We invite images, ideas, words and inventions as well as survival manuals and proposals for constructions and installations—all for future readiness, whether practical, imaginative or speculative.

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Chatter Marks

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SEED Lab Murals

James Temte, "Next Over Now," mural SEED Lab building Mural Projects

This summer and fall, we showcase the installation of four murals in downtown Anchorage through a collaboration and co-creation between local artists, Anchorage downtown business owners, the Anchorage Downtown Partnership, the Alaska Mural Project and the SEED Lab at the Anchorage Museum.

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Museum From Home

Welcome to Anchorage Museum From Home – a creative and virtual way to enjoy the Museum from your home. We join museums around the world in bringing museums to you through a campaign called #MuseumFromHome, which you can follow on social media as well. Click here to learn, examine and imagine – from home.

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Landscapes Of Change

Landscapes of Change Conference 2021

This virtual international convening for museum professionals examines the relevance of museum art collections to contemporary issues and ways to connect to communities and to each other.

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As we navigate a climate crisis, we work with designers to explore ideas around refuge for the future, examining what we will seek shelter from, along with ideas around permanence and portability.

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SEED Lab Building It Is Possible Ed

Seed Lab

SEED Lab supports creative responses to climate change and envisions sustainable futures for Anchorage and the globe.

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Polar Lab

We know that the Northern environment is compelling and that the museum has a key role to play in highlighting the compelling voices and places of the North, through convening people and curating conversations.

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Extra Tough Women

Extra Tough

Artists, mothers, scientists and makers included in this exhibition testify to the vital role that both Indigenous and newcomer women have held, and continue to hold, in Northern communities. Women’s voices and visions provide rich ground for imagining a future guided by principles of gender equity, sustainability and strength.

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In a time when we are physically distanced in new ways, we invite teens aged 12-19, in both Alaska and Tasmania, to submit videos, photos, audio interviews, portraits, illustrations, animations, poems, maps, favorite spaces, and other portrayals of their places.

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Northern Art Network

The Anchorage Museum is a founding member of the Northern Art Network. The Network is an association of museums and cultural institutions throughout the Circumpolar North.

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Jerome Saclamana, Levi Tetpon, and Clifford Apatiki Material Traditions

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Urban Harvest

Learn traditional skills, along with their history and modern contexts, in this series of five classes for the urban homesteader.

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Forty years after hip-hop culture was born in the South Bronx district of New York City, its foundational creative forms, or “four elements,” are taking on new life with Indigenous artists of the Circumpolar North.

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Wilderness Week

Examine and celebrate the ideas and values around “wilderness” and how Anchorage and Alaska culture is shaped by its physical environment.

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Design District

New downtown design district envisions vitality, diversity and collaboration

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Curated Conversations

The Anchorage Museum hosts conversations on issues important to the contemporary and future Circumpolar North as part of our Think Up Here series.

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Polar Lab: Collective

Polar Lab: Collective is a program for emerging Alaska Native artists to study the collections of the Anchorage Museum and the objects in the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center's Living Our Cultures exhibition.

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John Grade Murmur

Seattle artist John Grade explores sculptural forms that suggest floats. Glass fishing floats have been making their way to the Alaska Arctic coast from Asia on ocean currents for the past century.

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