Personality and History Are Both
Revealed in Structures

Personality and History Are Both Revealed in Structures is an online exhibition featuring a selection of photographs by Stephen Cysewski (1945-2020) taken across Alaska from the 1970s until his death in 2020. Cysewski explored buildings, natural form, line and juxtaposition in his photographic work. His point of view in this selection of photographs, curated by Simonetta Mignano and Cysewski's daughter, Margaret Rudolf, is non-imposing. The images present shelters, refuges, and homes as they appear in the landscape. Cysewski often described himself as a wanderer who responded to what he was seeing through photography. His photographs comprise a non-judgmental body of work that goes beyond subjective aesthetics to create a visual history of place.


About the artist

Stephen Cysewski lived in Fairbanks, Alaska, for nearly 30 years. He graduated from Western Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy in 1967, then moved to Alaska as a VISTA volunteer, lived a year in the village of Shaktoolik, and worked on many jobs including as a high school counselor for Indian Education at West Anchorage High School. He earned a master’s degree from Alaska Pacific University and was hired as an assistant professor in Information Technology at University of Alaska Fairbanks in 1991. He retired as a professor in 2007 and was granted emeritus status. He died July 20, 2020.


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