Ecotopian Library

Ecotopian Library is a long-term project of visual artist Mary Mattingly that stems from the belief that art and ecotopian thought can be part of cultivating systemic social change. 

Within the project, which combines the disciplines of forestry, botany, art, literature, and the sciences, Mattingly asks artists, scholars, librarians, neighbors, scientists, Indigenous knowledge holders, and writers to contribute stories, objects, digital files, experiences, or books to build a toolkit for imagining regenerative futures within climate change. 

A temporary installation of an Ecotopian Library will be on view at the Anchorage Museum beginning October 2020. 

Mattingly created Swale, an edible landscape situated on a barge in New York City. Docked at public piers but following waterways common laws, Swale circumnavigates New York's public land laws, allowing anyone to pick free fresh food. Swale instigated the creation of a pilot project called "foodway" in Concrete Plant Park, the Bronx, in 2017. Through the "foodway," New York City Parks is allowing public food foraging in the area for the first time in more than a century.