Dolastallat (To Start a Campfire), 2016
Temporary video installation by Marja Helander
6 minutes

Finnish Sami photographer Marja Helander grew up in urban Helsinki. She uses her dual heritage as inspiration for many of her works, which often illustrate the conflict between the traditional Sami way of life and modern society. In this performance video, currently on view in the museum’s west corridor, Helander explores how the international mining industry has affected Sámi lands, with factory and mining infrastructure remaining long after the activity has ceased.

Helander’s work was previously shown in the museum in 2015 as part of the exhibition “Sámi Stories: Art and Identity of An Arctic People,” a landmark exhibition organized by The Art Museum of Northern Norway and the Tromso University Museum. Sami are the indigenous people living in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia’s Kola Peninsula. The exhibition included contemporary Sami artists whose works explored Sami history and identity.


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