Anchorage has long embraced its “frontier” brand—a tent city, a railroad town, a place born in 1915 at the edge of a broader wilderness.

Welcome to Our North is an exploration of a “brand” for Anchorage that is based upon quality of life, inclusiveness, a distinct urban culture, resilient attitude, and celebration of nature. It reflects people sharing the experience of the North.

The ideas embrace the perceptions of residents and tourists and empower those who make Anchorage home. We imagine a fresh identity that respects the past and recognizes the appealing, functional and dynamic city of today. We look to differentiate Anchorage from other cities and regions by highlighting our Northern place and our resilient people, including the Indigenous people who made Anchorage home long before the tents came.

‘Welcome’ is a word chosen to offer an introduction and a greeting and to brand us as a place of open arms and open spaces.

‘Our’ reflects the voices of the insiders—the inclusion of the many people of Anchorage who make up the city, give the it its distinct urban identity and who convey the values of the past and future.

‘North’ reflects our place at the edge of a changing Arctic and at the top of the world--our location and natural environment differentiates us from many other places.

Welcome to Our North will take many forms and will occupy spaces in our atrium when it launches Sept. 14. The project invites suggestions for “tag lines” and images. As it continues, our goal is to include many voices and ideas and to come close to representing our place in a way that we all recognize—with humor, with honor and with an eye to the future.

Welcome to Our North is a project of the Anchorage Museum, in collaboration with Axe and Antlers Creative Group, and has been made possible, in part, by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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