Cruisin’ the Fossil Coastline

Be prepared to look at the world in a whole new way – through the eyes of a walrus-and ammonite-obsessed scientist and an artist with a fondness for cheeseburgers, ratfish and trilobites – in this exhibition on Alaska fossils.

Camouflage: In Plain Sight

Camouflage: In Plain Sight expands beyond the familiar associations of camouflage to explore how we work to be seen and unseen. Through the lenses of natural history, military history, art, design, technology, fashion and popular culture, Camouflage highlights the contrast between the functional and cultural.

Without Boundaries: Visual Conversations

Indigenous leaders, activists, artists and scholars address common misperceptions about the North, fostering critical commentary about these issues through the exhibition “Without Boundaries: Visual Conversations.”

Portraits of Place: The Arctic in Photographs

The predominant stereotype of the Arctic is that it is a place untouched. Portraits of Place breaks open the idea of a pristine landscape and replaces it with a North that is both inhabited and complex.

View From Up Here: The Arctic at the Center of the World

Interest in the Arctic has preoccupied explorers for hundreds of years, and that fascination with the North continues today. View From Up Here: The Arctic at the Center of the World is an international contemporary art exhibition that highlights contemporary investigations into the Arctic – through the perspective of artists.

Stick and Puck

Approaching the world of hockey not simply through the lens of a fan, but rather as a cultural observer, Conti sees many of society's "norms" and expectations played out on rinks around the North and the U.S.

Florian Schulz: To the Arctic

Although the common perception of the Arctic is that it is a vast nothingness, Florian Schulz’s photographs reveal a world teeming with life amidst complex natural systems — systems that fuel our global economy and affect our health and environment.