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Land Lines is a series of installations in the public realm, from  “phone booths” to sculpture installations highlighting language and land acknowledgment. 

If you call the number provided, you can hear a recording of a story about Dena’ina land and lifeways, which have been developed by Aaron Leggett, Senior Curator.

Below are some of the recordings/stories:


In this story, Andrew Balluta of Nondalton tells about learning from his elders about a Dena'ina prophecy about hard times that will come sometime in the future


In this story, Shem Pete of Susitna Station tells the story about how Fire Island got its English name after the arrival of Captain Cook and his crew.


In this story, Shem Pete tells a story about the significance of Mount Susitna to the Dena'ina and then Billy Pete explains the misconception that the Sleeping Lady is based on a Dena'ina story.


In this story, Agnes Cusma of Nondalton tells about traveling along the Telequana Trail, an important travel route for the Inland Dena'ina.

Fedosia Sacaloff of Kenai tells about the arrival the first Europeans (Captain Cook and his men) and his crew's interactions with the Dena'ina:

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