Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center
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The Anchorage Museum is not currently offering public classes specific to teenagers.


Teens ages 16 and older are welcome to register for adult classes. If the student is a minor, complete this form.

Fees as indicated in schedule.

Registration and payment are required prior to class start. If the student is a minor, complete this form. Questions? Please call (907) 929-9280.

The parking garage is open to the public after 6 p.m. Please identify yourself at the parking kiosk prior to entering the garage. You may park anywhere as long as you pay the $1 per hour parking fee. You must also identify yourself at the security guard window at the top of the stairs/elevator.

If you choose to park on the street, enter the building at the former entrance on Seventh Avenue. There is a security intercom located at the far right door. Press the button and wait for directions from security.

The museum is an accredited cultural institution offering year round programs for children and adults. Its Art Classes are exempt from the Municipality of Anchorage child care and educational center code (under AMC 16.55.050B.8.) which states that the museum has a "recreational program that children are allowed to attend voluntarily in which the program assumes no responsibility for care of the children, and in which all children are of school age.