Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center
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This gallery focuses on physics fun. Active displays get you moving to demonstrate the principles of energy, force and motion.

We often feel wind, even though we can't see it. We can only see the effects of wind: fluttering leaves, waving treetops and drifting snow. This pivoting air cannon shapes the pulse of air that it blasts forth. We may not see the wind but it can still be powerful. Can you control what you can't see? Take aim. Find out.

Sit in this special chair and experiment with levers and pulleys to haul yourself vertically. Learn how simple mechanical systems can lower the force needed to lift something.

The heat you give off is detected by a thermographic camera, so you can see yourself in the infrared range on a large screen.

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Did you know?

When you crack a whip, it makes a loud noise because the tip is moving faster than the speed of sound.

Sound travels four times faster in water than it does in air.