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Body Worlds Vital
Exhibit Overview

'I hope for Body Worlds to be a place of enlightenment and contemplation, even of philosophical and religious self-recognition, and open to interpretation regardless of the background and philosophy of life of the viewer.'

-- Gunther von Hagens, Body Worlds creator


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On view Sept. 28 through Jan. 6, 2013

Body Worlds Vital is an incredible exhibition offering the unique opportunity to see and understand our own anatomy and health and to gain a new appreciation and respect for what it means to be human.

The exhibition features a unique collection of authentic human specimens, including whole bodies, individual organs and transparent body slices. This exhibition shows how the body works when it is healthy, and what happens when it breaks down. Visitors will see how lifestyle choices may affect the body, such as how smoking affects the lungs.

Body Worlds Vital will be on view Sept. 28 through Jan. 6, 2013 at the Anchorage Museum. This is the first Body Worlds exhibition in Alaska.

"This is one of the most in-demand traveling exhibitions in the world, and we’re incredibly excited to bring it to Anchorage," said Anchorage Museum Director and CEO James Pepper Henry. "It's an important part of our mission to make top-tier touring exhibitions accessible to Alaskans."

This awe-inspiring exhibition educates visitors about anatomy, physiology and health through a series of whole bodies, individual organs and transparent body slices. Displays present the most current information about common diseases, the effects of tobacco use, and the mechanics of artificial body parts. By juxtaposing healthy and diseased organs, the exhibition also encourages healthy lifestyle choices.

Highlights of the exhibition include an aerobatic couple posed in an overhead lift to display the muscular system.

Bodies donated to Body Worlds are preserved through a groundbreaking process called plastination. Invented by scientist Gunther von Hagens, plastination halts decomposition and preserves anatomical specimens for educational purposes.

The Anchorage Museum will announce ticket prices and an on-sale date soon.

Gunther von Hagens' Body Worlds is the original anatomical exhibition series. It displays authentic human bodies, willed by donors and preserved through plastination. The series is designed to educate the public about the human body and increase health awareness. Learn more at