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Upcoming Exhibits


Groundwork: Keren Lowell Solo Exhibition
On view Sept. 26 — Nov. 9

In her solo exhibition, Groundwork, Keren Lowell treats fabric as a sculptural medium. She has transformed modest rags into bold, large-scale sculptures that speak to a journey through physical and emotional terrain – the literal ground beneath our feet and the things that keep us grounded.


Brick By Brick
On view Oct. 3 through Jan. 11, 2015

This Anchorage Museum-curated exhibition explores the creative potential of LEGO® toys and bricks. Brick by Brick features artwork by Nathan Sawaya and Mike Stimpson, as well as hands-on stations emphasizing LEGO bricks as learning tools with artistic, scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical applications.


All Alaska Juried XXXV
On view Nov. 7, 2014 through Feb. 1, 2015

For more than 30 years, All Alaska Juried has recognized the unique contributions Alaska artists are making to the world of contemporary art. The exhibition also encourages Alaska artists to create new work and showcases the finest art being produced in the state. 


It’s All Material
On view Nov. 7 through Feb. 22, 2015

Before there is art, there is just raw material and potential. Get an insider’s look at how an artist transforms raw “stuff” into the inspiring objects you see at the museum.


Rarefied Light
On view Nov. 7 through Feb. 22

Rarefied Light showcases the best of Alaska’s fine art photography. The largest juried photography exhibition in the state typically features about 50 images selected from about 500 submissions. This annual juried exhibition is a collaboration with the Alaska Photographic Center.


Cabin Fever
On view Nov. 21 through Feb. 15

Cabin Fever examines the emotions and behaviors that manifest after hours of darkness and isolation, a state of mind particularly common in the North.


Anchorage Centennial Exhibitions
Dates vary

The Anchorage Museum is proud to be an official partner in the Anchorage Centennial Celebration. Our Anchorage Centennial exhibitions and dynamic programs engage local artists, organizations and the community. Celebrate with us! Join the discussions and collaborations. Visit and participate in our Anchorage Centennial exhibitions and events. 


Common Spaces Performance Installation at the Anchorage Museum, Hal Gage, 2011
Common Spaces Performance Installation at the Anchorage Museum, Hal Gage, 2011

Polar Lab: A Northern Initiative
2014, 2015 and 2016

Artists from Alaska and around the world utilize Anchorage Museum’s public spaces, indoors and out, virtual and real, to engage the public and explore ideas related to the North. Their research will culminate in performance, print and new media and a major exhibition in 2016. In 2015, Polar Lab focuses on the Anchorage Centennial. This exhibition is part of the Anchorage Museum’s Northern Initiative.



Arctic Ambitions: Captain Cook and the Northwest Passage
On view March 27 through Sept. 7, 2015

The foremost British explorer of the 18th century, Captain James Cook circumnavigated the globe twice before setting a course for the northern Pacific. Art and artifacts from his expeditions, as well as hands-on activities for families, bring to life this exciting era in history – a time of bold discoveries made dangerous by uncharted waters, rocky coasts and unrelenting ice. This exhibition is part of the Anchorage Museum’s Northern Initiative.