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Bringing the physical and natural world to your fingertips

The Imaginarium Discovery Center is Alaska’s hands-on, minds-on science discovery center, a place where families and visitors of all ages can explore art, history and science through play.

The new 9,000-square-foot center features more than 80 exhibits, including even bigger and better versions of the Imaginarium's most beloved features, as well as renowned exhibits from the world's best science museums. About 25 percent of exhibits at the museum were conceived specifically for the Imaginarium Discovery Center.

Simulated earthquakes and auroras. Live animal touch tanks and interactive exhibits that blend technology and art. All of these and more are presented in six unique areas:

BP Kinetic Space - Explore the “electrifying” world of physics, including the principles of energy, force and motion.

Planetarium Hall - Journey through the Earth's atmosphere, the solar system and beyond!

Bubble Space - A fun and interactive exhibit that uses bubbles of all shapes and sizes to demonstrate surface tension, shape and light reflection.

TOTE KidSpace - A gallery specifically designed for infants and children ages 5 and under where all exhibits offer safe interaction. Kids and their parents can explore the worlds of art, history and science through hands-on play, introducing the wonder of scientific learning through imagination and curiosity.

Earth and Life Science - Learn the difference between geology and geography and find out why zoology has nothing to do with zoos!

Thomas Planetarium - Take trips through the solar system to explore the night sky in the brand new planetarium. Click here to read more.

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This video shows an interactive installation titled “Moderation” by artist Zach Booth Simpson, who will install something similar in the new Imaginarium Discovery Center called the Smart Floor. The projection reacts to human movement and is designed to captivate small children.