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Thank you!

Our hearty thanks to everyone who contributed to the capital campaign. Our donors helped fund the construction and renovation of the expanded museum. Many also supported the endowment, which will help sustain a larger facility and exciting new programs for future generations.

The museum gratefully acknowledges all those who supported our capital campaign. Their generous support has transformed the museum.

Distinguished Benefactors ($1,000,000+)
State of Alaska
Atwood Foundation
M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust
National Park Service
Elmer and Mary Louise Rasmuson
In Memory of Elmer Rasmuson
Smithsonian Institution
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Benefactors ($500,000-$999,999)
Alaska National Insurance Company
Lile and John Gibbons
The Kresge Foundation
H. Willard Nagley, II
Edward and Cathy Rasmuson
Judy Rasmuson and Ronald Wallace
Lowell and Tay Thomas
Totem Ocean Trailer Express, Inc.

Patrons ($100,000-$499,999)
The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
The Carl Brady Family
Larry and Wilma Carr
Evelyn M. Columbus
ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc.
Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation
Robert B. Gillam and Family
Barney and Rachel Gottstein
The Hearst Foundations
The Kresge Foundation, Green Building Initiative
Morris Alaska/Morris Communications Company
National Endowment for the Humanities
Leah J. Peterson
Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation
Eunice D. Silberer
W. Dean and Ana Maria Weidner
Wells Fargo

Sustainers ($50,000-$99,999)
ALCAN General, Inc.
Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
In Memory of Cornelia “Pinky” Brindle
CIRI, Brian and Sharon Davies
Doyon, Ltd.
First National Bank Alaska
Leonard and Tannie Hyde
John Letourneau and Donna Goldsmith
Lynden International
NANA Regional Corporation
Ted and Kate Quinn, Bryan and Cheryl Quinn, Lewis and Gayle Quinn (Capital Office Systems)
Frances Ray
Jonathan Rubini and Suzanne LaPierre

Sponsors ($10,000-$49,999)
Ahtna, Inc., Alaska Airlines, The Aleut Corporation, AMC Engineers, Anchorage Daily News, Anonymous (2), Gary and Barbara Baugh, BBFM Engineers, Inc., Richard L. and Diane M. Block, The Braden Family, Bristol Bay Native Corporation, Milt and Sue Byrd, Calista Corporation, Glen D. Chambers, Chugach Alaska Corporation, Geneva and Joseph Columbus, Steve and Karen Compton, Maurice and Agnes Coyle, Flint Hills Resources Alaska, Fred Meyer Fund, Bernd and Paula Guetschow, Vivian Reese Harned, Christopher and Mardra Jay, Diane Kaplan and Mel Sather, KBW Asset Management, Inc., Koniag, Inc., Kumin Associates, Inc. Architects, Brooke and Wilda Marston, Donna and Warren Matthews, The Charlotte Martin Foundation, Lloyd and Joan Morris, H.W. Nagley, III and Dianne Nagley, Nerland Agency Worldwide Partners, Northrim Bank, Peak Oilfield Service Company, Mary Ellen Segelhorst, William J. Sheffield, Griff C. Steiner, L.B. Gregory and Kate Steiner, Joseph E. Usibelli and Peggy Z. Shumaker, The Usibelli Foundation, Aron and Patricia Wolf

Supporters ($5,000-$9,999)
Anonymous, Architectural Wall Systems Co., Karen and Robert J. Baker, Scott Baker and Kathleen Hertel, Leroy and Suzanne Barker, Sarah Barton and Joseph Davis, Dr. Beverly Beeton, Bering Straits Native Corporation, Georgia Blue and Allison Stegman, In Memory of Jo Braarud, Jo Braarud Memorial Fund, Sylvia Broady and John Strohmeyer, Margie and Allen Brown, Jacqueline Carr, Jeff Clarke and Kris Ryan-Clarke, Dennis and Carol Comeau, Commercial Contractors, Inc., Louise and David Crawford, Paul B. Crews, Dr. Aron L. Crowell and Dee C. Hunt, David and Miriam DeLap, David and Terry Dittman, Beth and Paul Dittrich , Barbara Donatelli, Jean M. Donatello, Jerry and Sharon Fairley, Heather Flynn In Memory of Hank Rosenthal, Bruce and Sharon Gagnon, Sheila Gallagher and Dr. Winthrop Fish, Louise H. Gallop, Joe Griffith, Mrs. Clifford J. Groh, Sr., Thomas B. Harris, Duane and Carol Heyman, Bruce Hilton and Tom Plattenberger, Jan Ingram and Rick Goodfellow, Greg and Joy Kimura, In Memory of Jon Kumin, Latash Investments, Caedmon and Ann Liburd, Steve Lindbeck and Patty Ginsburg, R. Jeannine Lyerly, Dennis and, Stephanie McMillian, Carl Marrs , Peter and Jo Michalski, William and Jeanette Moores, Mike and Diane Moxness, Opal Myers, Gloria O’Neill and Kirk McGee, Tennys and Tom Owens, Henry and Juna Penney, Catherine S. Reed, Amy and George Rhyneer, RISE Alaska LLC, James and Florence Rooney, The Frances and David Rose Foundation, RSA Engineering, Inc., Bernadine and David Ruskin, Sealaska Corporation, Dr. Robert D. and Ruth Jean Shaw, Gail and Jan Sieberts, Alan and Rosario Skolnick, Veronica Slajer and Jack Ferguson, Deborah M. Smith, Senator Ted Stevens and Mrs. Catherine A. Stevens, Arliss Sturgulewski, Ken and Pat Thompson, Elizabeth and John Tower, Mead Treadwell, David and Diane Tweden, In Honor of Jan van den Top, Sandra Wicks, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Wood, Kesler and Marianna Woodward

Flowering Tree Sponsors ($2,500-$4,999)
James Blasingame, Dorothy Brady, Keith and Sally Brownsberger, George and Mary Lu Cannelos, M. Susan and Wilson L. Condon, Leslie Dean and Don Hopwood, Julie Decker and Michael Morris, David Dempsey, Feldman Orlansky & Sanders, Karl and Connie Hahn, Jr., Jean C. Jackson, J. Gwen Kennedy, Ph.D., Vylna and Larry Mathis, Janet and David McCabe, Gloria McCutcheon, In Memory of John "Jack" Conway, Donald and Stephanie Neal, Lynn Roderick-Van Horn and Walter Van Horn, Soka Gakkai International, Sports Car Club of America, Arctic Alaska Region, Karen and Jeff Staser, The Marx Bros. Café, Michael and Mary Tullius Family, Mark R. Weber, Lon and René Wilson, David and Julie Wrigley

Birch Tree Sponsors ($1,000-$2,499)
Kemp and Jo-Carole Absher, Alaska Artists Guild, Alaska Photographic Center, Alaska Regional Council of Carpenters #1281, Alaska Society of Outdoor and Nature Photographers, David Alexander, Geoffrey and Monica Alvarez, Anchorage Weavers and Spinners Guild, Arctic Roadrunner, Janet Asaro, Atkinson, Conway & Gagnon, Martin and Lori Atrops, Thelma M. Bagoy, James Bailey and Maria Viteri, Bart and Ginger Bateman, Carla J. Beam, Jane Behlke, John and Bernell Blaine, The Bradley House, Bethany Buchanan and Michael Germany, Rocky and Joanne Capozzi, Chugach Electric Association, Alan Clark and Tamara Lott, Ronald Dailey, Eva Carey, Becca Dailey, Gary and Katrina Dalton, Don and Michelle Decker, John R. and Tina D. DeLapp, Carol and Gene Dickason, Andrew Eker and Mary K. Hughes, Raymond J. and Crysta M. Ellis, Robert and Heidi Ely, Enstar Natural Gas Company, Dana Fabe and Randy Simpson, The Fairweather Companies, Louann Feldmann and Mike Herndon, James and Marsha Fergusson, James and Karin Fitzgerald, Chuck and Katherine Flynn, Shirley H. Fraser, MD, David and Rita Freeman, Hal Gage, Ted Gardeline and Pat Shelton, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Geraghty, Joel and Annette Hard, The Morrison-Heath Family, Cliff and Diddy Hitchins, The Carol and Jim Mendenhall Family, M. Elise Huggins and Gary Prokosch, Owen K. and Elaine M. Hughes, Sherrie Hunt, Bonnie L. Jack, In Memory of Robert C. Jacobs, Karl Voiles and Elayne Janiak, Burt and Mary Janis, Monica Jenicek, In Memory of Nelimae J. Johnson, Suzi Jones, Franny and David Junge, Christine Kahr and R. David Black, Barbara Karl, Jonathon Katcher and Kate Michaels, KeyBank, Harry and Patricia Ko, Paul and Joan Landis, In Memory of John Kumin, Marge and Richard Larson, Shirley T. Lewis, Dot and Wayne Littleton, Margaret Lowe, In Memory of Peter L. and Lilly E. Lovseth, Barbro and Jon Lyon, Steve and Lucinda Mahoney, Les and Dorothy Mann and Family, Bill and Penny Mans, Thomas R. Marshall, Jr., Ose and Grace Matsutani, Linda McAlister and Duane Miller, Bob McCabe, Molly McCarthy, Melanie McCleave, M.D., Joan and John McKinnon, Merrill Lynch, Tim and Joyce Middleton, Victor Mollozi and Vicki Williams, Eldon Mulder, Rick and Mary Mystrom, Tom and Ruth Nighswander, James and Linda Odom, Connie and Kerry Ozer, Jim Palmer and Sheila Arkell, Blair Parker and Kathleen Bourque Parker, Patricia H. Partnow, John Pearce, Elizabeth Manning, Bennett Pearce, Eliot Pearce, Ira Perman and Virginia Rusch, Esther Perman, Sarah Perman, Guarino Platt Family, Blythe Marston and Gordon Pospisil, James M. and Judy Powell, In Loving Memory of Florence Rappoport, Veronica and David Reem, Patrick and April Reilly, Bob and Millie Renkert, Terry and Stuart Roberts, Jack and Martha Roderick, John Levy and Beth Rose, Susan and Lowell (Bob) Satin, Jane Sauer, Grace Berg Schaible, Susan and Isaac Schapira, Hans Schwaiger, Barbara and Jim Seidl, Verna and Kenneth Simpson, Rod Sisson, Christine and Larry Smith, Catherine R. Smith, Jonathan Steele and Daphne Brown, Maribeth and Griffith Steiner, Gary and Donna Steinfort, Chris and Donna Stephens, Gail and Gene Strid, David and Bonnie Swanson, Marie O. Swanson, Eric and Gina Taylor, David and Mickey Templin, Rick and Elizabeth Thomas, Thomas Head & Greisen, Dale and Kathryn Tubbs, Judge James A. and Verna von der Heydt, In Honor of Patricia Wolf - shaping the arts in Alaska for more than thirty years, Marty and Leonard Yuknis, Rosemary and Mark Zimmerman

Star Sponsors ($500-$999)
The Aarseth Family, Meyer's Muffler City, Jeffrey Barnes and Barbara Symmes, Liz and Jim Behlke, Cynthia Berger, Dennis and Roxann Berry, The Earl Billingslea Family, R.C. Gregorin, II Family, David and Susan Bomalaski, The Borowski Family, Paula and Robert Bowlby, Emily Britton, To our Ancestors, Karla and Daniel Carpenter, David S. Carter, Chez Ritz, Lynn and, Renee Coad, Ellen Cordes, Edwin and Katharine Crittenden, George and Lucy Cutting, In Memory of Logan A. Sampson, Jeffrey and Eileen Demain, Katharine DeShaw, Andrew and Kathy Dimitriou, Shari and Greg Durocher, Arthur and Donna English, The Errico Family, Jacqui and Mark Ertischek, Leonard D. Ferucci, James Fitzgerald Grandchildren, Charlotte Fox and Michael Stinebaugh, In Memory of Ken Gray, Ronald and Joy Greisen, Parry and Linda Grover, Dianne and David Hillemeyer, HMS, Inc., Jacquelyn B. Hoflich and Lindsay M. Musgrove, Ronald K. Inouye, John and Beryl Johnson, Leroy Jones and Belva Wilson, Allison Mendel and Marjorie Kaiser, KC and Mary Cathie Kaltenborn, Marilyn and David Knapp, Susan and Tony Knowles, In Memory of H. Willard Nagley II, Caroline Lewis, Carolyn Lyons, David Mannheimer and Carol Moonie, Ron and Marilyn Martinson, Barron and Allison McLain, David A. Moeller, John and Maryann Nagy, Jan and Bernadine Nyboer, Ethel Payton, Susan and Jim Reeves, Fritz and Jennifer Reinbold, Bernd and Susan Richter, Alex and Adam Ripley, Joan E. Rohlf, Paul Roseland, Ruth A. Schmidt, Ph.D., Geronimo Sahagun, M.D., Laura Schulz, Susan Serna and Tom Englehart, Mike and Susan Shiffer, Thomas and Shari Showalter, Beth Simpson, Stevens and Reppel, APC, Joette and Eugene Storm, Andrew and Alice Bassler Sullivan, Gilbert and Alice Sumner, Chris Turletes and Cheryl Stewart, Virgil and Lois Vochoska, Pamela and John Whitney, Arby Williams, Garret and Barbara Wong

Circle of Friends ($1-499)
Alaska Watercolor Society, In Memory of Helen Butcher, Allied GIS, Inc., Peggy Ammann, Anchorage Lodge No. 1543, Loyal Order of Moose, Martha M. Anderson and Albert Whitehead, Steve, Stacey and Kate Anderson, Margaret Anderson, Jennifer App and Matthew Singer, Tsuguo and Grace Arai, James and Betsy Armbrust, Betty and Russ Arnett, Terri Atwell, R and M Bader, Scott and Kris Bailey, Dr. Beth A. Baker, Leslie and Robert Baker, Claude and Elizabeth Barker, William and Patricia Barstow, Carla and Louis Bassler, Peggy and Sarah Baumeister, Alex Beckman, Alison Bell and Dean Gingrich, Todd and Christi Bell, David and Arlys Bernard, Laura D. Bernhard, Leslie Bialas and Mike Malachowski, Dawn Drake Biddison, Robert and LuAnn Biringer, Elladean Bittner, Michael and Judy Blair, Chris and Julia Bockmon, Lance Bodeen, Karl and Susan Boesenberg, Dr. Regina A. Boisclair, Lynn and Michael Boots, Tod and Nikki Boozer, David and Dom Boyer, Michael and Deena Bradley, Susan and Timothy Brady, Joan and Richard Brewer, Ms. Sylvia Briske, Betty Lou Ervin Broderick, J.V. and Toni Brown, Dr. J. Simon Bruder, Susan and Donald Brusehaber, Cindy Bueler, John and Lisa Bulkow, Chris and Jennifer Burns, Les and Judy Burtner, Chris Cable, David and Janet Campana, Bruce and Marl Campbell, Thomas and Natalie Carey, Helene Cartwright, Thomas and Susan Case, Carl B. and Mary Casey, Chris Chiei, Lucian Childs, Elizabeth and Denis Clements, M. David and Ronni Cole, Kit Coleman and Heidi Hurliman, Ronald and Mary Ann Cooper, James Cox and Suzanne, Penny Cox, Ronald and Mary Jane Cox, Tom and Liz Crafford, Glenn and Pam Cravez, David Csiki, Dale and Esther Davidson, Michael Dawley, Jon and Cynthia Dawson, Alice DeVine, Douglas DeVries, John and Joyce Dick-Peddie, Emma Dieter, Donald and Bonnie Dinkel, F.A. and Isabella Dodge, Douglas Frazer Fine Art, Ltd., Jim and Margie Downs, Roger DuBrock and Elaine Andrews, Tomoko and Philip Duke, Michael and Tracy Dunn, Cynthia and James Ebelacker, Michael R. Carey and Suzanne Egan, Ken and Elna Evans, James A. Fall, Audrey and Winthrop Faulkner, Anita and Robert Felker, Ian Ferguson, Karen and Stewart Ferguson, Joseph F. Fisher, Claire R. Fitzgaireld, Matt and Kate Frankforter, Glen Fuglestad, Laura Furgione, George and Jill Gates, Jim and Maya Gauvreau, Fred and Zenta Gerber, Dan and Arlene Gerety, Henry and Joan Gerke, Denise Gibson and James Gibson, Clo and Bruce Giffen, Christine Gill, Katie Gillen, Cathy Girard and Mike Mihalka, In Memory of Helen Butcher, Dennis and Maggie Gladwin, K N Goodrich, Jim and Susan Gorski, Kathleen Grace, Lisa N. Gray, Sanna Green, Denise Greger, Mr. Walter R. Griffen and Ms. Gail Pastor, Gary and Debora Griffeth, Judith and Robert Griffin, Lonnie and Bonnie Griffin, Steve and Jara Haas, John and Jane Hall, Robert Hall and Susan Kruse, Ernest and Evelyn Hamm, Colleen Handel and Robert Gill, Mary Lou and Gustave Hanson, Peter C. Hardy, In Memory of Helen Butcher, R.C. and Audrey Harrop, George and Aase Haugen, Kevin and Sara Hemenway, Debbie and Gary Hennigh, Anonymous, Dave Herndon, Gary Eschbacher and Lisa Herrington, Lynn Highland and Marsha Burns, H. Russel and Diane Holland, Helen Houston, Grant Hunter JD MLS MBA, Lee Huskey, Dr. Catherine Irwin, Ms. Kathryn Jacobsen, Karen Janicek, Jody Jenkins, Margaret L. Jensen, Stephanie Joannides, Terry and Kristina Johannes, Peter Johnson and Joy Geiselman, Richard, Judd and Lee Ann Gardner, Theodore and Marjorie Kassier, E. Jean Kaufman, Michael and, Valerie Kenny, Marion Smith Kerr, Anne and Steven Kessler, Dawn Kimberlin, Warwick and Wendy King, Muriel L. King, Janet Klein, Cecilia Kleinkauf, Rosemarie Knecht and Harold Cheong-Sang, Lynn and Calvin Koshiyama, Jim and Teri Kostka, Mary Kwart, Albert and Kate Lamberson, Brigitte and James Landry, Beth Leffingwell, Deb and Jay Liggett, Jeffrey Lipscomb, C. Jerry and Christa Little, Philip and Diana Livingston, Phillip L. Locker, Jr., D.D.S., Mary Jane Longrich, Adrienne Lyon, Teri and Thomas Mader, Kevin and Mayna Madsen, James and Dianne Mahaffey, Robert C. Maloney, Robert H. Malott, Kimberly and William Marcucci, Marty and William Margeson, Orion Matthews, Patrick and Barbara McBride, K. Shannon McCullough, Jerry and Annie McDonnell, Constance and Kevin McFarlane, Cheryl McGrew, Tom and Jane Meacham, Dennis Metrokin, John and Maggie Metzler, Hope and Arthur Miller, Michele Miller, P.J. Monroe and Paul Schneider, Mr. and Ms. Monterrosa, Mike and Susie Moody, Karola Moore and Jim Anderson, MaryAnn and Tom Morahan, George and Caryl Morgan, In Memory of Pearl Mothe, Colleen and Jonathan Mueller, H.J. Mullings, Rusty and Chris Myers, June Namias, Kristine and James Nelson, Dave and Ruth Nicholls, Doug North and Ellen Cole, Leslie and Sheryl Norton, The Nyman Family, Fred Oetzman, Deborah and Bill O'Leary, Susan Olsen, George and Gerene Olson, Richard and Maryellen Oman, Ruth O'Rourke, Vern Owens and Christy Morse, In Memory of Helen Butcher, Bruce and Meredith Parham, Mark Parmelee and, Katie Nitzberg, Richard Pauley, Patricia and David Peach, Gwen and Don Perrin, Davis and, Deborah Peterson, Russell Pressley, Allen Prier, Mary M. Putman, Quality Travel Service, Inc., Mary P. Quin, Maxine Rader, General Joe and Dede Ralston, Gail Ramsay and Jack Brothers, David Ramseur and Susan Wibker, Colleen Ray and John Murtagh, Caryn Rea and Steve Aberle, Fran and Dick Reed, Brigitte Ressel, Elaine Rhode, Doris Rhodes, Muriel and James Richardson, Marion C. Richter, Jerry Roach, June Robison, Kathleen Rogge, Barbara Rudio, Marie Russell, Charles Ryan and Rebecca Alexander, Paul Sandhofer and Judith McDonald, Peter Sapin and Jane Burri, Daniel and Ranella Saul, Frank Sauser, Jane Schlittler, Herman and Selma Schmidt, Amy and Eric Schwalber, Mrs. Jule A. Seale, Bernard Segal and Ellen Segal-Armijo, Dorothy Seitz, Seward Band and Choir Boosters, Michael Sewright, Harriet and David Shaftel, Ian Sharrock and Carla Hollingsworth, Richard Sheasley, The Shellenbaum Family, Carl and Kathleen Shepro, Liz and Ken Sherwood, Colonel Clair L. Shirey, Mark and Andrea Silverman, Willis and Zulene Simmons, Skookums, Dr. Sharon Smith and Dr. Thomas Hunt, Terry Smith and Jimmie Lavelle, Alison Smith and Kurt Egelhofer, Caryn Smith and Bret Berglund, Gillian Smythe, Anonymous, Jakki Kouffman and Jonathan Sperber, Sandy and Jim St. George, Thomas Stander, Joan Stassel and Chuck Livers, Donna Lee Steele and Linda Lee Tanner, Amy and James Steele, Barbara W. Stek, Katherine Stevens, Mary and Doyle Stewart, Peg and Ken Stout, Helen Strusz, Jo Swiss, Stan and Pat Syta, Vance and Evelyn Taylor, The Frame Workshop, Edward and Ginger Thielen, Thais Thomas, Cynthia D. Toohey, David and Marcia Trudgen, Karen Tschannen, John Tuckey and Barbara Armstrong, Richard Ullstrom, Dennis and Marcia Valenzeno, Ronald Vecera, Beth Verrelli, Chris Von Imhof, Jim and Mary Wanamaker, Charles Webb, J and JR Weertman, W. J. Wellenstein, John and Kellie Westphal, John and Linda White, Dennis Whittenburg and Carolyn Rader, Brian D. Wick and M. Hilary Wick, Kirk Wickersham, Lawrence and Constance Wiget, Stuart Williams, Turnagain Products, Joanne and Dee Williams, Larry and Charlotte Willingham, Roger and Patricia Wirch, John and Margaret Wolfe, Pete and Georgia Woodson, Jim and Dot Witthaus, Jim and Nadine Yarmon, John and Dorothy Zappa, Lori and Thomas Zitzmann

List compiled December 2009. Every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy.