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Planned Giving

Making a planned gift to the Anchorage Museum can be an effective way to meet your financial goals and save taxes, while helping to ensure quality art, history and science programming and exhibits benefits Alaskans far into the future.

The most common types of planned gifts are: 


You can establish a bequest as a fixed amount or a percentage of your estate.

Appreciated Assets

Donate stocks, bonds or real estate, and avoid capital gains taxes on these assets.

Life Insurance

When your family responsibilities decrease and your paid-up policies are no longer critical to their well-being, use them to support the Anchorage Museum’s work.

Retirement Plans

Tax-deferred IRA and 401K plans may be vulnerable to high income and estate taxes. Naming the Anchorage Museum as a beneficiary may reduce these taxes and allow you to leave other assets to heirs.

Trusts – e.g. charitable lead trusts and charitable remainder trusts

A charitable lead trust would generate funding for the Anchorage Museum until the time comes to transfer the remainder of the fund to your heirs. In the meantime, taxes can be minimized. A charitable remainder trust can provide lifetime income to you or your heirs, along with some tax benefits. When the income payout period ends, the remainder of the trust flows to the Anchorage Museum. For more information please contact Joy Atrops-Kimura at (907) 929-9225 or via email at Please consult your tax, legal or financial advisors before making estate planning decisions.

Become a member of the Anchorage Museum

The Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center is owned by the Municipality of Anchorage and operated under contract by the Anchorage Museum Association, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, EIN: 92-6009317.